Krab Kakes

Hello My name is Tai. I'm the owner and maker of all Krab Kakes Handmade items.
I've been called a craft fairy, because I love making new things. I love all things holiday, probably because I'm a sucker for a good theme. Any excuse to make something new.
Over the years I have tried many new crafts. I sew, Knit ,crochet and make jewelry. I love sitting down at the sewing machine and finding new and creative ways to introduce different styles and fabrics into baby fashion. I've created a professional workspace for my art, complete with a photo studio. I also dabble in photography. Most of the Krab Kake images that you see in our listings are taken outdoors by me in different locations of sunny Los Angeles, CA. I always feel like there are no limits on creativity. I love being apart of the Etsy community.

Here at Krab Kakes you will find quality handmade fashion for your little ones.
I shop weekly for the newest high fashion fabrics I can find.

Krab Kakes is a small shop run by me with love, and The Krab Kake CupKake Models always sprinkle a little sunshine on the orders. They are truly apart of my team and I couldn't do it without them and their supportive moms.

I've been a member of the Etsy community for years, I do support other shop owners, and crochet and clothing pattern writers. I actually shop Etsy first.

The name of my shop Krab Kakes was inspired by and is dedicated to my only son Kameron . His nickname is krab..My Krabby kid. Now a Angel in heaven. Forever 16.

I thank you for taking the time to learn about me and my shop.

Please come chat and follow us on Instagram @krabkakes for behind the scene pictures and video of the CupKake Models. and our wonderful customers who always share their magic.

Peace & Love

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